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Back to Favors? And a Pick at #19?'s consensus mock draft has had a makeover the last few days as more and more draftniks abandon Derrick Favors for Wesley Johnson.  Still, out of the dozen mocks, Favors is favored (there's that word again) in eight of them, and Chad Ford provides an update that Favors "has re-emerged as the favorite" for the Nets, though nothing's final, including whether or not the Nets will keep the pick.

Things continue to remain unsettled re: the two later picks, with 15 players getting mentioned.  Jordan Crawford, Xavier's 6'4" SG, and Craig Brackins, Iowa State's 6'10" PF, both get two mentions. Al Iannazzone has Favors and Brackins in his Wednesday night mock.

Andy Katz writes that the Nets have offered #27 and #31 to Boston for the 19th pick, one of two offers the Celtics are weighing, while Chris Sheridan suggests the Nets may be trying to acquire another pick by offering Keyon Dooling and his $500,000 buyout.

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