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Avery Wants "Low Maintenance" Pro, Rod Wants More Cap Space

Wonder why Wesley Johnson and Greg Monroe are now part of the mix at #3?  Wonder no more, writes Andy Katz, ESPN's college basketball writer.

Katz writes, "New Nets coach Avery Johnson, according to sources, wants a player who is low maintenance and can have an impact. Johnson answers that on all fronts."  So does Monroe. Katz also confirms the link between a Johnson pick and Carlos Boozer, who "has considered New Jersey for a few weeks".  

And if the Nets wanted Al Jefferson, he's available, notes Katz.  But that would go against everything Rod Thorn has been working for. Dave D'Alessandro points out that Thorn will do whatever it takes to create more cap space, in case LeBron James wants to bring a friend to New Jersey. Free agency is still more than a week away, but it's a bigger priority than tomorrow's Draft.

Meanwhile, Frank Isola of the Daily News tweets both the Nets and the Knicks are trying to acquire the #23 pick from the Timberwolves. Adrian Wojnarowski says that's the Nets' price for not taking Johnson at #3.