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Cousins Out? Monroe In?

Surprise!  Rod Thorn, like any good poker (or three card monte) player, is playing a big hand late in the game and his name is Greg Monroe, Georgetown's 6'11" PF/C.  Not only that, but Thorn seemed to eliminate DeMarcus Cousins from the mix at #3 in talks with beat reporters.

First Cousins. While praising the 6'11" Kentucky center, he seemingly dropped him from contention, pointing to deficiencies at the power forward position.  "It’s a leap of faith there to suggest that he can play the 4. He can shoot the ball well, and he can face the basket. But I don’t think he’ll take it from 20 feet and go by people, and defensively it could be even more of a problem."

That would seem to suggest the competition is down to Derrick Favors and Wesley Johnson.  Not so.  Thorn says nice things about the (barely) 20-year-old Monroe.  "We like Monroe a lot," Thorn said. "He’s a lot different than Derrick Favors. He has an all-around game — left hand, right hand, great size. So I don’t think you (eliminate him) by any stretch. Monroe’s looking very good to us."

Are the Nets considering moving down to nab Monroe...or Epke Udoh, who they also like? "We haven’t talked to anyone about moving as of yet," he said. "Right now, I’d say no. But it could be a possibility."