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A Three-Man Race for #3?

That's the bottom line, says the Nets chief scout and director of player personnel Gregg Polinsky following today's workout of Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins.  Those two and Wesley Johnson, who worked out last week, are the three in question.

Word is that Favors didn't hurt himself and Cousins helped himself, as Al Iannazzone writes.  Cousins showed that at least for now he has the better range, out to 20 feet or more, about five feet more than Favors.  But Dave D'Alessandro writes of Cousins, "His size and skills say center, period."

"What you get with Cousins is a little more power. What you get with Favors is a little more pop. Both will work," said Polinsky, who added, "I think we all walked out of here going these are going to be two very fine NBA players going down the road."

Favors admits he likes the idea of playing for the Nets: “To go to a new arena, play for a new coach, a new owner, it seems like a good situation for me,” he told Marc Spears of Yahoo! just before the workout.

Meanwhile, Polinsky said that Brooklyn's Lance Stephenson is in "our discussion" for #27 or #31.  Stephenson, a 6'6" SG who played one year for Cincinnati, is in for a workout Wednesday.