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Lakers Won the Finals; Can the Nets Win the Off-Season?

Could the Nets win the off-season the same way the Lakers won the regular season and the playoffs? Shaun Powell, writing for, poses that question, laying out all the reasons why the Nets could be the big winners in the off-season...and illustrating his article with a picture of Mikhail Prokhorov.

"This doesn't mean the Nets will be declared the winner of NBA Summer 2010," Powell, a former Newsday reporter writes. "Just that they, more than any team, are what the summer will be all about: drafting, signing and trading on the fly. Remaking your team, basically, if you have the tools, the guts, the smarts and, of course, the money to spend.

"We could see anything happen in the next month."

As for the new boss, Powell posits that the time is now: "With a savvy hand, he could make the franchise a winner in time for the move to Brooklyn. Or Nets will simply get lost in a sea of Knick fans."