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Prokhorov's Gulfstream - Part of the Free Agent Recruiting Package?

Will Mikhail Prokhorov use his Gulfstream to help woo free agents?  He's not saying where he'll be on the evening of June 30, but he notes, with his usual air of mystery, he won't be in Moscow. Considering June 30 is the night before free agency begins, we can hazard a guess.

If Prokhorov does journey across the pond, and there's every indication he will, he'll likely be jetting to the US in his $45 million Gulfstream G550...non-stop.  That should impress the players he wants to shower with money. The plane, which seats six, has been flying the new Nets owner back and forth from Moscow to Teterboro in recent weeks. Think of it as a big fancy taxi. Its range permits him to fly anywhere in the US without stopping, even to Akron, Ohio.

Russia's leading money magazine, Finans, reports Monday that the Gulfstream is one of two private jets the new Nets owner keeps handy. The other is a $30 million Falcon 990. It doesn't have quite the range of the Gulfstream, but remember, there's more than one free agent to woo.  As for his $45 million yacht, the Solemar, it remains anchored in the south of France. Too bad.