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Monday's $19.3 Million Question - Who Can Play Best with Brook ?


That's how much the Nets will pay whoever they take at #3 Thursday.  It's their biggest gamble since giving Vince Carter a $66 million contract extension three years ago.  So no pressure Monday for Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins...or Rod Thorn.

Favors is still the odds-on favorite going into the workout at PNY Center and is likely to be when it's over as well.  There are questions about him, of course, and they mainly center on how long it will take the 18-year-old to mature.  He would be the youngest player in franchise history. As for Cousins, it's not about his attitude.  The Nets see him as "misunderstood".  It's about his power forward skills. 

Meanwhile, it looks doubtful the Nets will leave Madison Square Garden Thursday without a guard of some type in tow.