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Favors Unanimous Choice at #3; Crawford Moving Into #27

Derrick Favors comes to the PNY Center Monday to do battle with DeMarcus Cousins, but if the draftniks are right, he should check out the surroundings.  It's his new home.  In all 12 mock drafts surveyed Sunday night by, Favors is the choice for the Nets at #3. 

As RealGM's Christopher Reina writes, "Favors is as safe of a pick fit-wise as James Harden was at number three last year, except he has far more upside in an NBA lacking in big men. A combination of Brook Lopez and Favors has the potential to be scary good."

In past surveys, there's always been a holdout or two, but in this latest one, Favors joins John Wall at #1 and Evan Turner at #2 as draftnik locks. 

As for the Nets' other two picks, at #27 and #31, thirteen different players get mentions. Xavier's 6'4" SG Jordan Crawford gets the most, but he gets only three.  Others named in two mocks for either pick: UConn's 6'9" PF/SF Stanley Robinson, Kentucky's 6'1" PG Eric Bledsoe, Nevada's 6'4" PG Armon Johnson and Cincinnati's 6'6" SG Lance Stephenson, who comes in for a workout Wednesday.