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Will the Nets Become the NBA's "Most Improved Team"?

It's hard not to improve when you're coming off a 12-70 record and your starting lineup (average age: 23.2 years) was the NBA's youngest. 

Still, in looking at the Atlantic Division, the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn thinks the Nets have as good a shot as anyone: "In a division in which the Celtics are aging, the Knicks and Sixers are in the same position as New Jersey, and Toronto is desperately seeking a sign-and-trade deal for Chris Bosh, the Nets could emerge as the league’s most improved team."

Washburn cites all the possibilities, noting that even if the Nets don't come up with two max free agents, they have enough for "one All-Star-caliber player and two complements." 

Rob Parker of ESPN New York goes even farther.  He thinks the addition of LeBron James could be enough to send the Nets--or the Knicks--to the NBA Finals in a weakened Eastern Conference.  The East, he writes, is headed for a downward spiral. The Daily News' Ebenezer Samuel disagrees...about the Knicks.