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Favors Still Has the Edge as Draft Approaches

The decision will be a team decision, with Avery Johnson having a say, but everyone admits the buck stops with Rod Thorn.  He won't say, at least publicly, who he likes, but the general impression is that Derrick Favors had the edge right now over DeMarcus Cousins.  That could change on Monday...but will they go one-on-one?

There are other variables.  If Philly surprises and takes either of the big men at #2, they will take Evan Turner of Ohio State. There's always a possibility of a trade, but Thorn says he doesn't anticipate one. 

Meanwhile, at #27 and #31, the Nets have "six, seven, eight guys" they're looking at, says Thorn, who admits, "maybe most of them won't get there but hopefully, some of them will." 

The name most mentioned at those picks is Dominique Jones, South Florida's 6'5" SG. Would the Nets go big again at #27 or #31. Absolutely, Thorn says. "We don't have that many guys on our roster."