Would Philly REALLY draft Favors over Turner...?

Granted, this is just from a HOOPSWORLD rumor chat, but is it possible there is fire where there's smoke here? I could definitely see Collins being a big AI2 supporter.

I'm not sure how'd I'd feel about Turner over Favors at this point....

JB in NJ:
im looking at some of the mock drafts. (particularly this one here at the site) Any reason why you guys have Favors at #2 and Turner at #3? Is Favors stock rising? Any inside info that we don't know?

Steve Kyler:

If Philly keeps the pick, they are not likely to draft Evan Turner... I can speak only about my picks, because we do these Mocks separately for a reason.

Sources close to the situation say that Doug Collins is committed to Andre Iguodala and plans to make him a focal point player... also the current management can't survive a mixed season... they need the draft to yield big upside guys and they need to be in the playoffs next year.

The only way that works with Turner is if you trade Iggy and Doug doesn't want that to happen.

I have spent time with both Turner (who I like a lot) and Favors, and like many who have started looking at him, he's the second best prospect in the draft and could have the biggest upside of the bunch... Turner is the most ready to play, in a very Brandon Roy kind of way.

I don't think you pass on an Amar'e Stoudmire, Dwight Howard type upside and Favors is that kind of guy...

If Philly trades the pick, all bets are off.

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