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The King Coy on King

No one goes on Larry King fearing a tough interview.  King's specialty is to giving his guest as much latitude as the guest wants.  Tuesday night, LeBron James decided to end his month long exile from the media by talking to one man rather than a press conference.  Perhaps it was, as the News' Frank Isola suggested, his way of saying June may be Kobe's month, but July will be the KIng's. 

He said little beyond what he has said in the past--that Cleveland has an "edge"--like $30 million more money over six years--and it's not about the city, it's about winning.  He didn't eliminate any team, didn't suggest anyone other than the Cavaliers has a leg up on his services.  One thing is for sure: he loves the attention and is going to get a lot more of it starting in four weeks from Thursday.