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AJ's Mentor: More than a Mouth

St. Augustine's High School has a long and honored history in New Orleans.  Among its alumni are Avery Johnson; Kerry Kittles, Giants GM Jerry Reese, actors Carl Weathers and Harold Sylvester and a host of NFL players.  One of its  most beloved faculty members was Johnson and Kittles' coach, Bernard Griffith. 

So strong is the loyalty between Johnson and Griffith that the protege' hired the mentor to be an assistant coach of the Mavs.  Johnson doesn't dismiss the possibility that the same thing could happen in New Jersey.  "It's something we'll visit (again)," Johnson said.

Whether Griffith comes north or not, he expects Johnson to change the team's culture...and fast. "Their toughness will improve. The way they attack the game will improve. The defense will improve. There's no way they won't be successful," Griffith tells the Daily News' Wayne Coffey.