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Favors "Out of Shape"?

One reason the Nets want to see Derrick Favors battle DeMarcus Cousins Monday has to do with conditioning.  Is Cousins in shape?  Can Favors hold his own against a stronger opponent like Cousins?  It appears that Favors, not Cousins, may have the issue. After a workout in Minnesota Thursday, GM David Kahn and Coach Kurt Rambis both said Favors is "out of shape".

"He isn't in shape," Kahn said after Favors' workout at Target Center. "You could see that right off the bat."

Meanwhile, Chris Mannix tweeted Thursday that he believes Avery Johnson favors Cousins.  "I talked to Avery yesterday," he wrote. "Sounds like he is high on Cousins but a) Thorn making the call and b) decent chance they trade pick."