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Bosh: "Everyone Pretty Much Excited" About the Nets

Back when the Nets were losing, losing, losing, Chris Bosh was asked if he would be interested in them come July. "Nah, not me", he said.  He's changed his mind.

"I think each team has its own advantages over the other," Bosh said in an interview with SNY Thursday. "New Jersey has a young core, so does New York. The coaching styles are a bit different. A lot of people are excited about the new (Nets) owner. It’s interesting. Everybody is pretty much excited about the makeup of the team and the direction the Nets are headed. It might work out, it might not. You always have to consider a lot."

Bosh said he was considering "a lot of teams out there" including the Raptors. He also dismissed the idea that the big free agents are talking among themselves.  "To be honest, everybody is laying low."