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No Contract Yet, But Thorn Expects to Stay On with Nets

When Mikhail Prokhorov came to New York a month ago, he said he wants to keep Rod Thorn, that only "small formalities" need to be worked out before a deal got done.  Wednesday, Thorn told Al Iannazzone he expects to still be Nets president afer his contract expires in two weeks. 

"I would say," was his answer when Iannazzone asked if he would return. "My situation will work itself out here in due time." He is, of course, not alone.  All the team's assistants and all its scouts will be without contracts unless they are extended by June 30. Only Kiki Vandeweghe has been told he won't be back and only Bobby Marks, Thorn's No. 2, has a contract beyond June 30.