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In Mock Drafts, It's Favors Up Top But No Consensus Down Below

The draftniks have spoken and the writers who cover the Nets basically agree: Georgia Tech's 6'10" PF Derrick Favors is a heavy favorite (we can't stop) to be the team's first pick at #3.  Almost everyone who has a reputable mock draft (is that an oxymoron?) thinks it's Favors. Wes Johnson may have his supporters but the overwhelming impression is that Favors will be holding a #14 Nets jersey a day or two after the draft.  

But what about #27 and even deeper #31?  Perusing the mock drafts, things down there are very unsettled, with 16 players mentioned on more than a dozen mock drafts.  At the same time, Fred Kerber, who usually has pretty good information this deep in the process, named four players, all but one guards, who the Nets like.

The four: Nevada's 6'4" PG Armon Johnson; Kentucky's 6'1" PG Eric Bledsoe; USF's 6'4" SG Dominque Jones; and Favors' 6'9" teammate, Gani Lawal. Of the four, DoJo appears to be the one most likely to be taken earlier than #27. Chad Ford says the Nets have soured on Mississippi's 6'5" PG Terrico White and could be deciding between Jones and Xavier's 6'4" SG Jordan Crawford.

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