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Johnson Wants Harris Back to Where He Was -- Playing Like Rondo


Avery Johnson made light (we think) of his point guard's suggestion that he can be a "bit of a dictator" if things don't go well.  Sticking around New Jersey for draft workouts, Johnson responded to Devin Harris' comment.

"More than anything Devin is a better point guard so I won’t have to dictate as much," Johnson said.

"It’s a luxury when you can sit down a lot of the game and allow the point guard to play because he knows the system, he knows how to handle pressure situations. A lot of games I was sweating."

Johnson also reiterated that Harris needs some re-education.  "He was doing a lot of what Rondo is doing now -  Quick hands, quick feet, charges. We have to get him back to that."

Ironically, the first workout on Johnson's first full day as coach featured two point guards, named Johnson -- Armon and Anthony.  Armon Johnson is indeed in the "discussion" for the picks at #27 and #31, Tom Barrise noted.  Epke Udoh and Greg Monroe, two lottery bound PF's. were case the Nets trade down. The Nets like both, but Udoh apparently more.

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