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Humphries' "Big" Decision

Kris Humphries has a big decision to make in the next two weeks.  He has a player option for next season at $3.2 million. He must decide by June 30. He has three basic choices: 1) exercise the option and stay on with the Nets for another season at that salary; 2) re-negotiate his deal, perhaps taking a smaller salary next season in return for longer term security; or 3) decline the option and try his hand as a free agent.  He's not commenting.

Privately, the Nets would like him to decline his option. If he does, they could have enough money to sign two max free agents...or very close.  Also, with the Nets likely to pick another "big", either 6'10" Derrick Favors or 6'11" DeMarcus Cousins, on June 24, Humphries has to know his minutes are going to drop significantly in New Jersey.  Not to mention if they succeed at signing someone like David Lee, Amare Stoudemire or Carlos Boozer.  

Still, he's in New Jersey and doing community events for the team. Although he didn't attend the Avery Johnson press conference, at 12:30 Wednesday, Humphries will be at Rosa L. Parks School of Fine & Performing Arts in Paterson, where the Nets Music Program’s 15 students will debut their new Nets-related song for the entire school. Then, Thursday, he'll be at P.S. 25 in Jersey City, where he will lead a fitness clinic.