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Favors vs. Cousins - A Preview

The Kings released a short video Tuesday of their weekend workout of Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins. Although the two didn't go one-on-one, they were on the court for drills.  They go one-on-one Monday in New Jersey.

As advertised, the 6'11" Cousins shot extraordinarily well from all over the court.  Word was that he hit 78% of his shots in the workout, and there's nothing on the video to suggest those numbers were inflated.  Meanwhile, the 6'10" Favors shows off some of his athleticism as well as a nice shooting stroke around the key.

In comments Tuesday, Rod Thorn described what each has to do Monday.  "With a player like Cousins, can he play forward? Is there any chance he can play power forward or is he strictly a five?"

"Favors is 18 years old — won’t be 19 until September — so he’s like a work in progress. So we want to get a look at them, see how they move, see how they shoot, those kind of things."