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It's Devin's Team Again

A month ago, Devin Harris was out the door in New Jersey.  The Nets were going to win the Draft Lottery and immediately start looking for suitors who'd want a tarnished All-Star.  John Wall was the Nets' future. Best to give him the keys to the car. 

Then, the ping pong balls sent the team in another direction and Harris' resurgence as the Nets' on-court leader was secured.  Now, with his old mentor in charge as head coach, there's no doubt the Nets are banking a lot on the 27-year-old, whose stock as a point guard, as top NBA player and team leader suffered greatly during the 12-70 disaster.

Avery Johnson made it clear Harris is not what he can be, what he should be, even what he was. Getting him back there is a top priority for Johnson.

"We're going to get Devin back to playing the type of basketball that I know he's capable of playing," Johnson said. And Harris knows he is not exempt from Johnson's rules of accountability.  Still, It's Devin's team again.