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Jason Kidd's Advice to Free Agents: New Jersey is a "Beautiful Place"


Let bygones be bygones.  That's your basic message from Jason Kidd, both regarding the Nets and their new coach...who used to be his old coach. 

On a conference call Monday to publicize a golf tournament, Kidd offered this assessment of the Nets' new reality: "They've got a great coach, they've got a young team and they have a young owner who wants to win," Kidd said. "So they have some of the pieces and now they just have to get some of the other pieces to be successful."

He also thinks the Nets can be successful in recruiting those "pieces" and the greatest Net offered some advice to prospective free agents: "I would first tell them to forget the record of what happened last year. You can't look at that.  The thing about playing in Jersey is it is a beautiful place; they have some great areas there. There's (New York) you can go in and eat and they have everything there."