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He Came, He Saw, He Conquered... Newark, That Is

He listened intently as Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek gave him the tour of "The Rock", ducked under low ceilings at the arena's Fire Lounge, tried out a courtside seat, then traded jump shots with Mayor Cory Booker, going 1-for-9 from deep.

Just another whirlwind tour between Gulfstream hops on the New York-Moscow route (with a side tour of the NBA Finals in Boston) for Mikhail Prokhorov.  Shows what you can do in 36 hours.

He also took some questions about basketball, calling his new coach a "killer", admitting a "dynasty" needs more than one superstar, and still declining to say which, if any, Russian executive would join Rod Thorn in the front office.  And just like that, he was gone, headed back to Moscow non-stop.