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Monroe vs. Udoh This Week then Cousins vs. Favors Next Week

DeMarcus Cousins and Derrick Favors get, uh, favored treatment three days before the draft when they go head-to-head in a battle for the #3 draft position.  But they aren't the only bigs who will get the lookover before the draft.

Two PF's who are lottery-bound, Georgetown's 6'11" Greg Monroe and Baylor's 6'10" Epke Udoh, will be in Wednesday morning.  Also in this week: potential late first round picks: Armon Johnson, Nevada's 6'3" PG, will work out Tuesday.

As reported, Wesley Johnson, Syracuse's 6'7"SF, is in Thursday alone and Favors and Cousins go at it on June 21.  The Nets have also set aside time on June 23, the day before the Draft, for last minute workouts. 

That close to the draft, teams will often work out a rising star or a one they want to give a second look.

Also, Dave D'Alessandro reports that Mark Cuban, Avery Johnson's last NBA employer, gave his former coach a good recommendation before the Nets hired him.  "He deserved a good recommendation and I gave it to him," Cuban told Dave D. "I wish him nothing but the best 80 times a year."