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Rodney Rogers: "I Just Want To Be Able to Walk Again."

It's been almost 20 months since Rodney Rogers was hurt in a dirt bike accident in rural North Carolina.  The former Net hasn't walked since, hasn't moved his legs, his arms, his hands.  Now he's locked into a wheelchair that also serves as a mobile hospital bed, with beeping sounds and read-outs of his various bodily functions. 

Doctors have told Rogers that he has a 5 percent chance of walking again.  He goes to rehab and flew to Germany for stem cell therapy that hasn't worked yet and may not. 

His career, which included a Sixth Man of the Year and one dramatic game-winner while a Net, is now a memory as are a lot of things others take for granted. 

"I hope and pray that in the near future, I'll get my arms back, and then hopefully my legs. If I had to walk with a cane or something, that'd be fine. I just want to be able to walk again."