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SBJ: Prokhorov Helps Nets Sell 1,400 New Season Tickets

Sports Business Journal reports that the Nets have sold 1,400 new season tickets already this off-season, among  biggest jumps in the NBA.  The increase was attributed to the buzz created by Mikhail Prokhorov. 

The Oklahoma City Thunder has sold 1,700 and the Chicago Bulls have sold 1,400 new season packages.  The Charlotte Bobcats have sold 1,000 more as well.  Like the Nets, the Bobcats have a new, exciting owner in Michael Jordan.

Overall, season ticket sales are up 5%, according to the league.  Adam Silver, the NBA's deputy commissioner, told SBJ: "Driving it is the improved economy, improved performance on the floor and fresh excitement for a lot of clubs who are looking at the potential to acquire star players through free agency."