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Prokhorov to Johnson: "We Need to Create Dynasty Team"


The billionaire owner was dressed in a sports jacket, t-shirt and jeans, the new coach in a suit, dress shirt and red (power) tie.  And they were talking Nets at the NBA Finals in Boston...courtside, of course. Mikhail Prokhorov flew in from Moscow Saturday, but will NOT be at the team's introductory press conference for Avery Johnson Tuesday. Instead, the two met privately for two hours before Game 5, then were driven, "presumably in a very nice car", as Julian Garcia put it, to TD North Garden.

Prokhorov's marching orders to "The Little General": "We need to create a dynasty team".

Sitting directly behind Prokhorov...someone he can't talk business with until July 1: Dwyane Wade. Will they talk then? "I can tell you that the evening of the 30th of June," Prokhorov told Newsday, "I won't be staying in Moscow." Johnson said there was no conversation. "I'm not even looking," Johnson told Fred Kerber. "One, because he beat me in the Finals [in 2006] and two because I don't want to get fined."

The Russian billionaire, who "grew up behind the Iron Curtain," told Newsday's Alan Hahn that the experience of being at the NBA Finals was "mind-blowing." Asked if the atmosphere made him excited to build the Nets to championship level, Prokhorov grinned. "I'm sure we can do better," he said. "Better."

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