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Cousins and Favors - A First Look...In Sacramento

Sacramento Bee
Sacramento Bee

DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky's 6'11" PF-C, will be in town mid-week.  Then, three days before the draft, it will be Derrick Favors, Georgia Tech's 6'10" PF.  They won't go up against each other, but are likely to be options 1 and 2 for the #3 pick.. The question is who's 1 and who's 2.

The two worked out for the first time Saturday...for Sacramento, which picks #5. They talked to reporters who cover  the Kings.  The reporters talked to Geoff Petrie, Sacramento's GM, as well.  The reporters didn't see the workout themselves but were left with a couple of impressions: both could be dominant in the NBA but there are questions as well: about Cousins' desire, Favors' readiness.

Meanwhile, David Falk, Evan Turner's agent, said Turner would only work out for the 76ers on June 17.