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Would the Nets Go "Yellow Jacket" in Both Rounds?

Mock drafts are virtually unanimous in projecting Derrick Favors as the Nets' pick at #3. Might Rod Thorn take Favors' Georgia Tech teammate, Gani Lawal, at either #27 or #31?  Several mock drafts have had the Nets taking Favors and Lawal. It all sounds fine to Lawal, who was in New Jersey for this week's group workout.

"They got a good young core and they're making moves in the right direction," he said of the Nets. "I'm not an ego guy. I can fit in with the team. I think it will be a good fit."

Favors and Lawal played up front for the Yellow Jackets and Lawal was willing to let Favors take some of the scoring load. "I still got the ball a lot," he told reporters. "Between me, Derrick and Zach (Peacock), like I said, the three of us got good touches."

Gregg Polinsky, the Nets chief scout, said Lawal is someone the Nets are considering. "He's got a lot of pop, great vertical flight to him. Very strong at 6-8. I think he'll find his way in this league and those guys are guys that we'll have to think about with one of our picks."