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Group Workouts End With Battle of Jersey Big Guys

Brian Zoubek was born in Haddonfield, but fled to Duke for his college career.  Hamady Ndiaye was born in Dakar, Senegal, on Africa's western tip, but wound up at Rutgers in New Brunswick.  The two bigs --Zoubek is 7'1", Ndiaye 7'0" --faced off in another Jersey venue Friday, working out for 23 NBA teams at the PNY Center.  Tom Barrise, who ran the workout, said the two gave their all and predicted both would be in the NBA next year.

It was the final day of group workouts that saw 36 college and international stars show off in front the top talent evaluators in the NBA.  While Zoubek and Ndiaye attracted the most attention, there was also praise for Thomas Heurtel, a 6'3" French PG.  It's unlikely any of them will wind up with the Nets...unless the team buys or trades for a late pick, but all are likely to be taken sometime the night of June 24.  Ben Couch and an army of Nets interns covered it all.