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The Relationship


A lot's been made of it, and a lot more is going to be made of.  Avery Johnson has said Devin Harris is both like a son and a little brother. 

Like fathers and sons, like siblings, there were arguments and fights over primacy...who's in charge, how much leeway is too much, who takes out the garbage. 

Now, though, both want to see the relationship evolve into its final, mature form.  The Nets have already done their bit to showcase the relationship, reposting a video where Harris does his best Johnson imitation.  Now Dave D'Alessandro reposts an interview he did with Johnson just before Harris' All-Star season, predicting it in fact and describing the journey the two took. 

Bottom line: Lawrence Frank may have given Harris the keys to the car, but it was Johnson, everyone agrees, who got Harris his driver's license.