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Is "The Rock" a Positive or a Purgatory?

In almost every discussion of free agency, particularly with LeBron James, the Nets' two-year stay in Newark has been called a negative, with more than one writer referring to the Prudential Center as "purgatory". 

But in discussing what the Nets can offer James, HoopsWorld's Alex Raskin takes a different tack.

First of all, he thinks there's no comparison with the IZOD, where LeBron has played all his away games against the Nets.  And because of its tight bowl, with a "level of intimacy that other venues can't offer", the Prudential Center provides "a perfect showcase for a premiere talent."

Most of the rest of his discussion of what the Nets can offer has been dealt with before, but he also notes that Avery Johnson could wind up like Doc Rivers, Scott Skiles and Stan Van Gundy.  Each of them, he notes, "are peaking with their second NBA head coaching job – not their first."