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Yi Focusing On Skills and Defense This Summer

Sneaker News
Sneaker News

Last summer, Chinese media were filled with stories of how Yi Jianlian had become the "Muscle Devil", bulking up during his time in Los Angeles.  He certainly added to his strength and conditioning but often didn't seem completely comfortable on the court. 

Interviewed at Wednesday's press conference announcing the World Basketball Festival, Yi says he has a new focus: "My skills. The little things on the court. How to get myself more open, my rebounding and my defense". He added, "I just [felt] like I needed to be a little bit stronger and that’s why I focused on lifting weights in the summer."

Yi added that the "entire team" is excited about moving to Brooklyn in 2012, but "right now, we’re looking forward to next season." 

After resting his sore shoulder, Yi has been working out in the US and has yet to start training with the Chinese National Team, which will participate in the World Championships in August.