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Van Gundy Out of the Picture as Thorn Extends Interview Deadline


Rod Thorn had hoped he could finish his first round of coaching candidate interviews by Friday, when draft prospects start to show up at the PNY Center in East Rutherford. Not happening.  "I’m fast, but I’m not that fast," Thorn said Tuesday.

He won't have to interview Jeff Van Gundy,  Dave D'Alessandro reports that Van Gundy took himself out of the Nets mix around the Draft Lottery.

Thorn wouldn't say anything about his reported interview with Avery Johnson over the Memorial Day Weekend or confirm when he will meet with Tom Thibodeau...or identify the other candidates that make up his "Four to Six Plus a Surprise".  It appears a Thibodeau interview isn't happening before Thursday's opening of the NBA Finals. 

It's believed he's already asked for permission to speak with Thibodeau...or will soon. Problem is that Dave D reports Thibodeau may be bound for Chicago, his trail blazed by LeBron James' agent and advisor. Various reports indicate the Nets will interview Monty Williams, the former Knick and current Blazers assistant.