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Polinsky: Nets Preparing for Every Draft Scenario

This is Gregg Polinskys' time.  As Director of Player Personnel, Polinsky is essentially the team's chief scout.  He and the rest of the staff--two domestic and one international staff--see about 18-20 games a month with some practices thrown in.  Now, with the DVDs cataloged, information collated, lists drawn up, it's time to get prepared for the variety of scenarios that could present themselves right up to the last minute of the second round.

"Prior to the Draft, Rod Thorn will be hearing from a lot of people and examining what he thinks is best for our team going forward," Polinsky tells the Nets' Ben Couch. "If someone presents something to us, whether that means we change a draft position, whether that means somebody presents something to Rod he thinks is better for us as an organization ... we’re prepared for every potential scenario."

Polinsky also spoke of the value of the Draft Combine and face to face contact: "You really do get a feel for kids: their body language, do they make eye contact, gauging their personality to some degree."

Meanwhile, the Sporting News' Eric Freeman wonders if Terrence Williams' development would be stunted if the Evan Turner falls to the Nets at No. 3.