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Stein: Heat, Nets Leading Candidates to Sign Amare if Suns Don't

Buried in the middle of a lengthy story on the future of the Suns, ESPN's Marc Stein quotes sources close to the Amare Stoudemire negotiations as saying the Heat and the Nets "are the two teams most likely to sign [Stoudemire] away" from Phoenix.

Stein notes that the Suns and Stoudemire are expected to resume negotiations on an extension later this week.  They had been suspended so both sides could focus on the Suns' playoff run.  Stoudemire has a player option on his $17.7 million contract year but reportedly wants to rework and extend the deal.  He is generally considered the fourth most attractive free agent in his summer's free agency sweepstakes.

ESPN's Stein adds that the Suns are hopeful that if they cannot re-sign their all-Star they will be able to get something in return for him.  The Suns' owner, Robert Sarver, has said he thinks the chances of re-signing Stoudemire are better than 50-50.