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David Lee Seems to Like New York Better than the Knicks

David Lee doesn't show up in TV ads pushing Knick tickets for 2010-11.  Sergio Rodriguez does.  David Lee says he wants to stay in New York just as much as he says he wants to stay with the Knicks

"This is where I want to be," Lee told The Post two days ago while volunteering his time to a non-profit at the Empire State Building. "I enjoy it here. I love the city. I have a lot of friends in the franchise. I do have ties here."

But Lee, who's long been rumored to be on the Nets' short list, realizes his fate with the Knicks is dependent on how they do with their other targets...and when.  If he wants to stay with the Knicks, he'll have to wait to see how LeBron James reacts to their offer.  That may not be smart.

"If they get two or three of those guys, there won't be 50 cents to give to me," says Lee. "Winning is a huge priority. . . . Just finding a situation that fits, a situation that makes sense, quality of life factor, then also the financial side of it because this is a business."  Sounds like Lee is fully aware of the geography of the New York area.