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LeBron and Jay-Z Through the Years


Vibe, the hip-hop magazine, wants you to know LeBron James and Jay-Z are pals, pointing out that on Friday night, 24 hours before final rehearsal for Saturday Night Live, Jay went to Boston to cheer on James and perhaps perform some miracle massage on that elbow.  Whatever, it worked.  We wonder if the two will be seen again Sunday.

Vibe wonders, "Will LeBron James Become Jay-Z's Employee?" and to prove the two are homies posts a photo gallery of the two at games in New Jersey, Cleveland and New York, at the All-Star Game, on stage (where LBJ proved his knows the words to Empire State of Mind...all of them), and at charity events the two jointly sponsor.  As for rumors Jay will be on Mikhail Prokhorov's Gulfstream V headed toward Arkron on the night of July 1, the schedule might be tight.  Jay performs at Eurockéennes in Belfort, France, the next night.