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"We Are The Champions! We Are The Champions!" Wait, It's Only a Movie!

David Lee
David Lee

It's June and the Nets are in the Finals!!  No, it's May and the Nets went fishing a long time ago  But there's this movie...  Never mind.  Julian Garcia recounts his experience at the premiere of "Just Wright" and notes (spoiler alert) "let's just say that Hollywood puts the Nets in a place that not even incoming Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov's billions can guarantee."

Garcia also writes about how Brett Yormark deserves credit for getting Queen Latifah and Common into Nets uniforms. The producers wanted them to be Knicks, but the New York team's press department was apparently too busy. Gotta deal with all the media speculation about how LeBron James wants to help Eddy Curry win a championship.   So Yormark stepped in. "Always looking for new and interesting ways to market their poorly supported team," writes Garcia, "the Nets were more than happy to pick up the Knicks' loose ball."

And if you think this is the last item we're doing on "Just Wright", forget it.  A win is a win, even if it's in the movies.