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Queen Latifah Hoping D-Wade Heads North in July

Fox Searchlight
Fox Searchlight

Queen Latifah, who won two NJSIAA championships at Irvington High, knows her hoops.  And she knows Dwyane Wade, who has a cameo role in her upcoming movie, "Just Wright".  So Thursday, she implored Wade, who plays himself in the movie, to come north to either the Nets or Knicks this July.

Sitting next to Wade at an NBA Store promotional event for "Just Wright", Latifah made her pitch.  "I love for Dwyane not to be far from us,'' Queen Latifah said, touching his shoulder.  Wade just laughed it off, but has said his heart remains in Miami.  "Just Wright", which opens a week from Friday, is a romantic comedy featuring Latifah as a physical therapist trying to help a Nets star, played by Common, return from what looks like a career-ending injury.