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Goldstein "Freaks Out" as Post Catches Him Moving

New York Observer
New York Observer

Daniel Goldstein did not go gentle into that good night.  The long-time critic of Bruce Ratner's plans for Atlantic Yards packed up and left Wednesday afternoon, but when a Post photographer tried to get pictures of him departing the scene, he "freaked out", the paper reported.  He threatened to call police, "It’s a private street! Get off!"  Goldstein later said he wanted his move to be private and under the radar.

It was moving day as well for Freddy's Bar, which fashioned itself as the center for eminent domain protests and where patrons promised civil disobedience to stay open.  Instead, it closed on Friday.

Meanwhile, the ESDC issued a statement attacking Peter Williams, who wants money for his air rights and a easement. 

"We will vigorously defend this lawsuit, we will have it dismissed, and we will consider seeking sanctions against Mr. Williams and his attorney. We do not anticipate that this lawsuit will delay the Atlantic Yards project in any respect."