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Holdout: "All I Want is Money"

SHoP Architects
SHoP Architects

Peter Williams settled with the state and agreed to leave his properties by Friday.  Now, he claims the state didn't condemn air rights and an easement he controls. So he's suing.  Some reports suggest the suit could slow or halt Barclays Center, but Williams says it's about money.  "I’m a capitalist pig," Williams told WNYC. "All I want is money."

Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report also writes that the state is dismissing the significance of the suit, asserting the record of the easement is merely "a mechanism used for tax billing purposes," rather than "a separate property lot."  Moreover, it indicates it will declare Friday that it's in "vacant possession" of all the properties needed for Barclays Center, lawsuit or not.  That's the last step needed for the deal to close and Mikhail Prokhorov to gain NBA approval.