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After Solid Season, "Hump" Still Uncertain About The Future

Kris Humphries has spent most of his career backing up All-Stars, first in Utah behind Carlos Boozer, then in Toronto behind Chris Bosh, before finally settling (he thought) in Dallas this season as Dirk Nowitzki's caddy.  Then, in January, he came to New Jersey, where the competition was less stellar and where he picked up a lot of minutes. 

A raft of stats shows that the 6'9" Humphries knows how to grab and hold the ball and do some other things as well. Here's one from the Nets' Ben Couch: in 44 games as a Net, Humphries rebounded at a rate commiserate with those of the league’s best forwards. His 18.0 total rebounding rate (TRR) ranked seventh among players to play at least half of their team’s games.

Still, he's not certain to be back next season.  He has a player option at $3.2 million that he has to exercise by June 30.  The Nets reportedly wouldn't be that upset if he left since it would give them more cap space.  Humphries has his own concerns.  "I’ll see where everything’s at (then). I’ve never really been in a situation like this, so I don’t know what’s out there."