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Tim Walsh Is "Just Wright"


Alert the Academy!  Nets trainer Tim Walsh is the Net who steals the show in "Just Wright", the romantic comedy that may help Nets fans forget the still very realistic tragedy that ended just last month. 

"I wasn’t supposed to speak at all," Walsh told Al Iannazzone. "I was going to be on the bench or whatever. They told me they might need me for a day and a half, two days. It evolved into where I actually had a part.

The Net beat writers got a sneak peek at the film.  Al Iannazzone suggests Rod Thorn and senior vice president Leo Ehrline also do well, but in much smaller roles than Walsh.  "Timmy’s the movie star," Thorn said. "Leo and I are bit players — and that’s being kind."  All three play themselves in the movie which opens May 14. As for Lawrence Frank he appears for a few fleeting seconds.  The movie should add to next week's Nets buzz.  It opens a few days after Mikhail Prokhorov is expected to take over the team and a few days before the Draft Lottery.  It's all about the timing as they say in the trades.