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Goldstein Deal May Cost Ratner Another $170,000

New York Post - Stumbo
New York Post - Stumbo

It turns out Daniel Golstein wasn't the last holdout in the Barclays Center footprint.  Instead, the Empire State Development Corp. realized Monday there's someone else still living there...and they want cash. It appears they've agreed to leave by Friday as well. Bruce Ratner wants to close with Mikhail Prokhorov next week, but needs everyone out.

"They saw that man got all that money last week and thought, why should they leave?" said a relative of Aisha Ahmed, whose ex-husband bought the building in 1988.  He was referring to the $3 million Bruce Ratner agreed to give arena critic Daniel Goldstein last week in hopes of finally clearing the property.  Ahmed had previously agreed to a deal with Ratner, according to the Post, but her two children then stepped forward to claim they should be considered leaseholders -- who have been getting $85,000 to relocate.

By Monday afternoon, it appeared things had been settled. "There's no more problem," a teen bringing a pizza back to the house told the Post. "We're leaving on May 7th."