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Cavaliers Loss Adds Fuel to LeBron Mania

It's only one game, but the Cavaliers' lackluster performance vs. the Celtics in Cleveland Monday has added fuel to the proverbial fire in the LeBron James free agent summer.  It may turn out to be just a collective case of heartburn for Cleveland fans, but if the Celtics send the Cavaliers home, how can that help?

Already, there are signs of panic at the base of Terminal Tower but not from James. "We may have to play with more of a sense of urgency, but for me to come up here and lose my head makes no sense,'' he said in a postgame interview. That didn't stop pundits from suggesting an early exit would send him packing, and calculating the odds of where he'll go.  In Vegas, they're putting the odds of a Newark landing at 10-1; joining the Knicks at 3-1 and staying in Cleveland 1-3. 

And while some pundits call two years in Newark a sentence, others point out the value of a mega-rich owner and having the game's best young center not named Dwight Howard signed through 2013. Can't hurt.