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Thibodeau To Meet Thorn Before Thursday

Tom Thibodeau is in a good place right now.  His standing has never been higher in the league as his fourth-seeded Celtics head towards the Finals, mainly on the basis of a defense he designed and nurtured.  The Hornets have seemingly decided on him as their next head coach, writes Adrian Wojnarowski, and are preparing a draft contract.

Thibodeau, apparently aware of all that bargaining power, wants to hold off a bit, and will meet with Rod Thorn prior to the start of the Finals on Thursday.  It's a risky move, writes Woj, because some in the Hornets hierarchy, along with Chris Paul, prefer Blazers' assistant Monty Williams...who may be on Thorn's short list as well.  Thorn was scheduled to meet with Avery Johnson on Saturday. No word yet on that meeting.

Meanwhile, Mike Brown's agent tells Yahoo's other NBA writer, Marc J. Spears, the Nets had "preliminary contact" about Brown but "no interview or any other contact so far."  Thorn has said he would like to have all coaching interviews completed by Friday.