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Common: Nets' Record Won't Matter to Female Audience

Fox Searchlight
Fox Searchlight

When "Just Wright" premiers on May 14, the Nets should be in the news. Mikhail Prokhorov is likely to have been approved as Nets owner days earlier and the Draft Lottery will be four days later.  Whether they are or aren't won't matter much.  The movie's male lead, Common, doesn't think the Nets connection nor that 12-70 record will matter much to the audience.

"We knew that this movie was going to attract a huge female crowd that might be unaware or just not even care how the Nets did," the rapper turned actor tells ESPN' s Page 2.  "I think the producers thought the male fan base wouldn't care either. Obviously, that would have been great if they did well but we should be OK when the movie comes out." The movie stars Newark native Queen Latifah.

Common, who plays the Nets All-Star guard Scott McKnight, says he felt like an NBA player when he was preparing for the role, thanks to coaching associate Jim Saan.  "Jimmy Sann trained me like I was an actual player. He really helped me to improve my shot and worked with me on core strength and essential skills that basketball players need. I ended up shooting probably 500 jump shots a shot has never been better."