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Thorn to Talk with Thibodeau

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Getty Images

Rod Thorn plans on picking up the pace of coaching interviews over the next week, with Tom Thibodeau following Avery Johnson in line and Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Brown expected not long after that.  Thorn has said he plans on talking to no more than "four to six" candidates during the process. 

Thorn spoke as well this week about a "surprise" candidate, not further identified. He's also said he'd like to have all the interviews done by June 4, the start of individual workouts for draft prospects.  The Nets have individual workouts June 4 and 8 as well as group workouts in East Rutherford and Treviso, Italy that week.

Dave D'Alessandro reports the biggest issue Thorn may face is that Johnson and Thibodeau may want commitments soon since both are being pursued by other suitors.  Thibodeau, in particular, appears to be days away from a firm offer by the Hornets.  Still, two people close to the Boston assistant coach say he is willing to speak with Thorn before making any decision.