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Would a European Owner Mean a European Fan Experience?


There's been reams of copy written about how Mikhail Prokhorov is the NBA's first Russian owner but he's also the first Euroleague owner as well...and Euroleague games present a very different experience for fans.

There's the entire crowd dressed in team colors--jerseys and scarves--or shirtless; the giant team flags that cover entire sections of seats; the constant chanting and singing of the team song (what's the Nets' team song ..."Born to Run"? "No Sleep til Brooklyn"?); the non-stop pyrotechnics--in team colors, of course; and the drums--lots of drums.

We'll have to pass on tossing batteries and coins at opponents. The NBA frowns on that. So no doubt would the Newark or New York Police Department.

In that light, we offer a sample of what it could be like--a video of the 2006 Euroleague championship game, held in Prague. It's not the same in the NBA.  For example, take at look at the crazy guy in a CSKA jersey and scarf half way up the stands at 13 seconds in.  It's a short shot, but this guy--very tall guy, with attractive blonde next to him--sure seems like he is having a good time.  Went home with some hardware, we hear.

  • Euroleague Championship 2006 - CSKA Moscow vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv (Video)